16 April 2015

Irrigation Down

Upon firing up our pump station for the season, we discovered a problem that is preventing us from operating it. The greens are extremely dry and the annual bluegrass is beginning to check out. We are doing everything in our power to restore our irrigation system but the earliest that will be is next week. Meanwhile we are watering with our sprayers and garden hoses on greens near the club. And praying for rain. 

11 April 2015

Coming Alive

The course is really beginning to wake up following the rain the other day, and now we finally have some sun and warmer temperatures.  Greens are growing to the point where we need to cut them every day.  Everything else isn't too far away.

We certainly have a full load of spring projects ahead of us, but it's a great feeling to be out mowing grass again and getting back into a groove with regular maintenance.  This weekend we have a small team out each day preparing the greens and bunkers.  Hope you are able to get out and enjoy the golf course this Masters weekend.

06 April 2015

A Case of the Mondays

Sometimes we have to take what the weather gives us.  Most forecasts are predicting 2.5" of rain for our area over the next five days, so it was imperative that we get as much accomplished as we could.

Today we had a nice, dry, 61 degree day and we took full advantage of it.  With the golf course closed on Mondays, we are able to accomplish projects and maintenance activities that would be difficult to do during days with regular play.  Plus, with nobody in our way we are able to accomplish the more routine tasks more efficiently.

Here's a summary of what we got finished today:
  • Aerate greens with 5/16" tines
  • Roll greens
  • Apply 10-20-20 fertilizer to greens
  • First mow of the year on approaches
  • First mow of the year on fairways
  • Clean up leaves and small debris in rough with mulching mower
  • Cut down weed trees to beautify hill below #8 green
  • Cut up fallen limbs near 17 fenceline
  • Apply poison baits to all mole tracks on course
  • Remove dead shrubs at 18 patio and replace with ivy
  • Clean up garden on SW corner of club entrance

A big "thank you" to our staff members who put in a long day today.  Their hard work certainly shows out there, and we are very grateful for their dedication.

26 March 2015

Course Update 3-26-15

All the covers are off the greens now, and we like what we see. Debris cleanup should be finished this week.  Next week we will shift focus to the finer details and beginning work on the greens. 

We still have some frost in the ground, so we need a little more time before we are able to get you back out there.  The greens are extremely soft right now, so it will be a few more days before we can get on them ourselves and do some work. 

We have Friday, April 3 targeted as our official opening date with carts and all 18 greens open.  Weather permitting of course. 

25 March 2015

The Moment of Truth

We began taking covers off Tuesday, and so far the news is good.  Very good.  I'm happy to report that through 10 holes, we are damage free except from a few bumps and bruises from our snow removal equipment.  We still have #11-18 to go but we are not expecting any surprises.

Cover removal is a complicated process and it takes time to do it right.  We prefer the covers to be dry when rolling them up, and they need to go back into the bags they came in because storage space is limited.  Today the covers will be wet because of rain, so we are gunning for Thursday and Friday to remove the rest of them.

This weekend's temperatures don't look good for golf, so we are holding off doing anything to the greens this week.  Next week we are likely to mow and roll for the first time, weather permitting.  We should have you back out here soon.  For now, enjoy a few pictures from yesterday as we removed covers.

The cover coming off #2 green.

Big difference in covered vs. uncovered turf on #3 green!

#5 is glowing in the distance compared to its surroundings.

Easy to see the different varieties of grasses this time of year.  The darker grass is the bentgrass, and the lighter colored grass is the annual bluegrass (poa annua).

#8 green looking good.  Still some snow in the bunker.